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5 Best Techniques To Improve Kidney Failure In Dogs

Kidney failure in dogs is becoming more common in Dogs, drinking more water and urinating is one of the symptoms of kidney failure in dogs,┬ádog also insists to remain outside the house because dog having kidney disease can’t control his urination, meaning it urinates more and gets thirsty soon therefore it drinks plenty of water. Similarly kidney disease in cats is becoming common day by day.

whenever dog or cat has kidney disease, tissues & wastage make its places in blood which couldn’t be filtered due to kidney failure in this situation it is recommended to reduce & restrict proteins in food intake, because proteins can’t be digested by dogs or cats, and the big problem is that whatever we buy commercial pet’s food from markets it includes low quality proteins which put stress on kidney therefore it is recommended to feed them with fresh foods, another advice is to avoid kibble food because dry food has less water and it is laden with artificial colors and chemicals,which results increasing of renal failure in dogs. It is also commonly recommended to restrict protein in foods for people having different chronic kidney disease stages.

we summarize below:

1: Feed fresh foods to your dogs & cats
2: Restrict protein in foods
3: Don’t feed them with dry foods
4: Feed easily digestible proteins to your pets having kidney disease, like eggs and dairy foods.
5: Don’t give them commercial pet’s foods which includes preservative & artificial colors.

Canine Kidney Failure And Your Dog

Dog kidney failure is more common than most pet owners realize, and it poses an especially significant as your pet gets older. Unfortunately, by the time symptoms start to show, about 75 percent of your dog’s kidney function has been significantly damaged and recovery is unlikely. A dog’s kidneys do basically the same thing human kidneys do: filtering toxins and processing fluids. When the kidneys become damaged, toxins build up and begin to interfere with organ function. Sometimes this is caused when your dog eats something poisonous, but more often, it’s simply because your dog has grown old. The first symptom of old dog kidney failure you’re likely to notice is your dog drinking a lot more than usual. Abnormal thirst is one of the first warning signs of kidney damage. Consequently, your dog will also start urinating more. That’s another symptom.

Other warning signs of Kidney Failure in Dogs

you’re likely to notice could include the following. * Eating less and losing weight * Changes in bowel habits, especially constipation. * Bouts of nausea * Weakness, fatigue, and a generally low level of energy and desire to “engage” with you. Dog kidney failure cannot be reversed, but your veterianrian can make your dog more comfortable as it happens. Talk to your vet to get details. The purpose of this video has been to provide quick, basic information about dogs and canine kidney failure. But remember, you should always rely only on advice from a veterinarian for a diagnosis of any symptoms or health issues your pet may be experiencing.

Top Age-Related Issues in Dogs & Cats

when we see our pets and their age-related issues a lot of it deals with organ function.
In cats one of the primary things we see is kidney disease, we also will see thyroid disease with them. With dogs sometimes it’s related to weight,obesity can cause more problems with diabetes and RC arthritis, and certainly in some patients cardiac disease and in most patients dental disease can be very important

How to deal with Kidney Failure in Dogs & Cats

how do we treat Kidney Failure in Dogs & Cats is , there are excellent guidelines that have been developed by the Irish group or the international arena interest society group. The recommendations for treatment are based on the stage of kidney disease that a patient is diagnosed in, and that diagnosis is based on values like creatinine, s DME has now been incorporated into the IRAs guidelines. it may be based also on on parameters like your in specific gravity, so the treatment depends on the stage of kidney disease but it also depends on other parameters that may be abnormal such as how high is the phosphorus, for example in a patient is that patient not only dealing with proteinuria but all ER they also hypertensive so for example some of the studies that have looked at treatment of kidney disease one of the hallmarks of treating kidney disease, is dietary management and so now what we do is, we treat chronic kidney disease with controlled protein diets which also then leads to restricting the phosphorus in their diets in many of these cases.

If Patient is Hypotensive:

If a patient is hypotensive then you want to manage their hypertension using anti hypertensive agents, if their patient is hypotensive and protein uric then their drugs we will use, for example like East inhibitors angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors or ARVs and your tension receptor blockers that then allow us to not just manage the hypertension but also the proteinuria in these patients.

We also want to make sure that these patients not only have good dietary management with control protein diets where they have access to fresh water and that will prevent these patients if they do start to progress for their kidney disease and they become poly Europe and poly Dixit that they do not become sub clinical e dehydrated so part of sort of educating our pet owners and getting them to understand the management and treatment of this disease, is having them to sort of may be start things like not just diet changes but ensuring for example that a cat or dog has access to lots of fresh water on a regular basis, in this way we can improve conditions of kidney failure in dogs & cats.


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Treatment of Kidney Failure in Dogs & Cats

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